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As a landlocked country straddling the equator, Uganda is located in eastern Africa, south of South Sudan, west of Kenya, east of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and north of Rwanda and Tanzania. It has an area of 241,500 square kilometers, including 199,800 square kilometers of land area and 41,700 square kilometers of water surface area and swamp. Situated on the East African Plateau, the altitude of most areas is about 900 to1500 meters. The area of lakes and swamps accounts for 18.3% of the total area, which makes Uganda gifted with water bodies on the great African plateau. Uganda has a savanna climate. It is rich in mineral resources, with more than 50 kinds proved mineral reserves. The country also has the third highest peak in Africa, namely the Margarita Peak of the Ruwenzori Mountains (the Mountains of the Moon). Uganda enjoys abundant aquatic resources with Lake Victoria as one of the world's largest producers of freshwater fish. As of July 2017, Uganda has been divided into 121 districts and one capital city, with a total population of 42.9 million. The capital Kampala, as the national political, economic and cultural center, has a population of about 1.66 million and the industries there mainly include communications, food processing, tobacco, chemicals, timber, plastics and leather products. Major economic cities include Jinja (tourism and industry), Mbarara (agriculture and animal husbandry), Entebbe (tourism and industry) and Masaka (agriculture). The official language of Uganda is English and Swahili.