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I. Time Arrangement of the Exhibition

    Move-in time: June 20th-25th(complete expo construction and display of exhibits on the afternoon of June 25th; complete security and explosive ordnance disposal inspection on the morning of June 26th; close the pavilion at 12:00, June 26th)

    Time of exhibition: 9:00-17:00, June 27th(only access to professional audience)

                  9:00-17:00, June 28th(access to the public)

                  9:00-16:00, June 29th(access to the public)

    Move-out time: 16:00, June 29th

    Place of exhibition: Hunan International Convention and Exhibition Center(Mango Pavilion)

II. Description on Setting of Pavilion

There are 7 indoor pavilions and 1 outdoor pavilion in the Expo.

1.China-Africa Cooperation Achievements Pavilion(central exhibition hall which is set on F1 of the pavilion)

2. Pavilion of African Countries (set on F1 of the exhibition hall)

3. The Cooperation Cases and Programs Pavilion (set on F1 of the exhibition hall)

4.The Chinese Sub-national Pavilion (set on F2 of the exhibition hall)

5. The Enterprises Pavilion (pavilion for enterprises of China-Africa cooperation which is set on F2 of the exhibition hall)

6. The Enterprises Pavilion (pavilion for African commodities which is set on F2 of the exhibition hall)

7.The online "China-Africa Economic and Trade Expo" pavilion((which is set on F1 of the exhibition hall)

8.The Enterprises Pavilion(outdoor pavilion which is set in the Eastern Square outside the exhibition hall)