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Equatorial Guinea Proposes Future Development Ideas for Africa after Being Elected as the New Chairman of the UNECA Conference of African Finance Ministers

Released on:2021-03-31 Views:

During the 53rd Conference of African Finance Ministers of the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) held recently, Equatorial Guinea was elected as the new chairman of the Conference, while Madagascar, Zambia and Sierra Leone were elected as the first, second and third vice-chairman respectively.

The theme of the conference is "promoting sustainable industrialization and Africa's diversification in the digital era amid COVID-19". Maye, Minister of Finance of Equatorial Guinea, congratulated the previous Chairmanship led by Morocco, and thanked its active support to ECA over the past two years with the Secretariat, enabling African countries to have sufficient financial space to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Maye said, "Africa should actively respond to the challenge of the epidemic and turn the crisis into an opportunity. Governments should increase investment in digital technology to promote sustainable and inclusive development and increase investment in infrastructure, electricity and Internet. We hope ECA will help African countries strengthen their capacity building by maximizing the benefits of the digital sector. Equatorial Guinea will continue to work with organizations like ECA and governments to implement resolutions and commitments aimed at improving the status quo on the African continent. “

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