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CR20G keeps on with overseas production and operation in face of COVID-19

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During the period when China is fighting against the outbreak of COVID-19, overseas companies and offices of China Railway 20 Bureau Group Corporation (CR20G) have planned in advance to strengthen prevention and control while ensuring stable overseas production and operation.


The Bureau has rapidly set up eight earthwork teams, put over 100 pieces of earthwork equipment into use, and trained over 150 local employees for different posts. The rapid completion of earthwork construction during the dry season is the key to completing the channel repair project in Uzbekistan as scheduled. Faced with the situation that 14 technicians are isolated for observation, the project department has concentrated its manpower and material resources on earthwork construction. It is setting off a construction boom in all aspects to ensure the smooth completion of the construction before the rainy season this year.


The mixing station of the Bustan Project Department in Uzbekistan suspended concrete processing before the Spring Festival due to the low temperature in winter. With the gradual warming of the temperature in recent days, the project department, on the basis of epidemic prevention and control, pays close attention to lining and unit commissioning. It has prepared sufficient materials such as cement and sandstone as per the annual construction target to prepare for the processing of lining concrete in the next stage. So far, 600 tons of cement, 20,000 cubic meters of sandstone, and nearly 100,000 square meters of geomembrane and geotextile have been prepared, laying a solid foundation for the resumption of construction.


As the technicians who had returned to China for the Spring Festival holiday were unable to be at work on time, the Angola International Company has transferred several personnel from Kuito Airport and Kuito water supply projects in Angola, hired 25 additional local staff and arranged five Chinese technicians to lead the operation of the Cabinda Water Supply Project Department in Angola, which aims to complete the construction by the end of April. "In the past three days, we have completed the installation of 432 meters of water pipelines. The speed will be doubled after the workers become skilled in operation," said Project Manager Dong Shoubao, who is highly confident in the completion target due to a series of measures to speed up the construction.


CR20G has not ceased its overseas operation, with the construction of the 34 overseas projects reaching a climax. The project group in Bahia, Brazil, while keeping in close touch with the Chinese Embassy in Brazil and the Bahia state government to report on the work regularly, is actively preparing for contract signing. "Our staff in Brazil are actively coordinating and communicating, and all colleagues in China are on standby online," said the person-in-charge of the working group, adding that they have communicated their work plans with domestic and foreign partners by video conference to ensure smooth operation in recent days.


From the translation of bidding documents to the estimation of material costs and the discussion of construction schemes, nearly 20 operation personnel at work in the office area of CR20G's Overseas Business Department are stepping up the preparation of bids for projects in Ghana, Indonesia and other countries. The four translators isolated at home have worked online, sending the translated tender documents to the bidding team at the first time.


"Because of the epidemic, employees who are going abroad are waiting for their visa at home. During this period of time, we are organized to learn Portuguese online every morning and have lectures on folk customs and local laws and regulations in Brazil in the afternoon," said the person-in-charge of the Overseas Business Department, adding that the training and learning during the break will help employees start work immediately after they are back to their posts.


The project of 5,000 houses for rent and sale in Blida, Algeria was delivered, the main body of Catete Overpass in the municipal highway project in Luanda, Angola was successfully completed, the roof of the teaching building in the middle school project in Kuito, Angola was successfully poured, and the North Railway Project Department of Mozambique Company received the supplementary contract order for maintenance during the rainy season ... While focusing on epidemic prevention and control, CR20G steps up production and operation in the overseas market with practical actions, achieving good results in overseas business.


Source: China Trade News