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Algeria to issue new specifications for car assembly

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On February 16, Algeria Press Service, Algeria's official news agency, published a report titled Car Assembly: New Specification Note to Be Issued within Two Months. The excerpts of the full text are as follows.


Minister of Industry and Mines Ferhat Aït Ali Braham announced on Sunday in Algiers that the new specifications on the automobile assembly activity would be promulgated within two months.


At a press conference during the opening ceremony of the government-governors meeting, the Minister stressed that the new specifications would bring new vision based on the gradual integration of locally produced components and the adaptation to the development of the international automobile market.


In his view, given the low level of localized production, Algeria cannot consider the operators who are currently active in the field of assembly as "industrialists". He called on these operators to cooperate with new specifications launched by the government.


In this case, he said, the new approach would save billions of dollars in foreign exchange and could really be used in real industrial projects that create jobs.


The government-governors meeting chaired by Algeria's President Abdelmadjid Tebboune opened on Sunday in Algiers under the title of "For a new Algeria".


Participants in the government-governors meeting will discuss several topics, mainly on "improving citizens' living environment through planning local development system", "rational management of economy and land", "establishing modern management based on new-patterned cities", "road management under the framework of comprehensive multi-sector strategy" and "digitalization of local public services".


Source: Economic and Commercial Counsellor's Office of the Chinese Embassy in Algeria