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Interview with Somali Deputy Prime Minister Gulaid: Looking forward to win-win cooperation

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Source: Hunan Daily Time: June 29, 2019 15:49:08  Author:   Editor: Tang Shufang   Editor in Charge: Yang Bo

Looking Forward to Win-Win Cooperation

— Interview with Somali Deputy Prime Minister Gulaid

Intern Reporter Tang Lu of Hunan Daily


On June 28, Mahdi Mohammed Gulaid, Deputy Prime Minister of Somalia (the third one from the left) visited Sany Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. Photographed by Zhang Jingming, reporter of Hunan Daily

"Somalia possesses the longest coastline on the African continent, which is as long as 3,300 kilometers. We are looking forward to cooperation with Hunan on port construction." On June 28, after visiting Sany Heavy Industry in Changsha Economic & Technological Development Zone, Somali Deputy Prime Minister Gulaid accepted an interview with the reporter.

Here, the advanced construction machinery and equipment, successful investment cases, and the bright glass factory deeply impressed Gulaid.

When talking about the impression of Hunan, Gulaid mentioned Chairman Mao; in addition, he was impressed by the beautiful ecological environment and sound business atmosphere in Changsha, and expressed admirations for the successful economic and trade cooperation between Hunan and Africa. He said that through joint efforts, it was necessary to strengthen economic and trade exchanges between Hunan and Somalia, and promote cooperation in agriculture, science and technology, education and other fields.

Speaking of the China-Africa Economic and Trade Economic Expo, Gulaid believed that it was a historical event, as well as a window of cooperation between Somalia and Hunan so that more enterprises in Hunan would be attracted to invest in Somalia. He said that through the Expo, China and Africa should explore more ways of cooperation to further improve the infrastructure in Africa and promote local economic development.

Today, Somalia is developing to be a more open economy with increasingly improved law system and livestock industry. "Somalia is now transforming into a country with peace, stability, progress and prosperity." Gulaid said that schools all over Somalia had started the new semester. The market was busy. More and more institutions emerged as the economy was growing. He invited enterprises from Hunan to invest in Somalia and create mutually beneficial and win-win economic cooperation for people in both countries.