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“One-stop” services for Chinese investors

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Source: Hunan Daily  Updated: June 29, 2019 15:49:08  Author:   Editor: Tang Shufang   Executive Editor: Yang Bo

"One-stop" services for Chinese investors

— Interview with Lauren Gombes , Director of the Investment and Export Promotion Agency of the Republic of Benin

Huang Lifei, reporter of Hunan Daily


Lauren Gombes, Director of the Investment and Export Promotion Agency of the Republic of Benin Photo by Tian Chao, reporter of Hunan Daily


Endowed with the long rainy season and the dense oil palm forest, the Republic of Benin in the tropics is famous for its “Land of Oil Palm.”

Lauren Gombes, Director of the Investment and Export Promotion Agency of the Republic of Benin, comes to Hunan to participate in the China-Africa Economic and Trade Expo together with the special products and sincerity from his country.

Lauren Gombes said that after the 2019 China-Africa Private Sector Cooperation Forum on June 28, the Benin government issued instructions to various functional departments in Benin so as to implement the policies developed in the forum. "We have already taken actions through a series of powerful reforms. We welcome Chinese companies and entrepreneurs to Benin for investment."

Lauren Gombes introduced that in order to enable foreign companies to land safely and efficiently in Benin, in recent years, Benin has continuously improved its management structure and system in employment, investment, land acquisition and bank loans. For example, when a company signs a contract with a local laborer, the process can be more flexible and humanized; the government has amended the law to allow private companies to acquire state-owned enterprises in Benin.

Lauren Gombes has trust and interests in Chinese companies. He reels off the cooperation between Benin and Chinese companies. Not long ago, a cooperation agreement has been signed with China International Investment Corporation with a contract amount of 120 million US dollars and ongoing relevant projects. The new airport is under construction by Chinese enterprises. A construction and operation project of the planned special economic zone will also be contracted to Chinese enterprises...

Lauren Gombes warmly invites Chinese companies to invest in tourism, food processing, and wood processing industries in Benin. “Benin also needs to attract more investment. As long as you are interested in Benin, we will welcome and get fully prepared in order to reduce the complicated procedures and provide “one-stop” services for Chinese investors.” Lauren Gombes said for several times, "We sincerely invite Chinese companies and entrepreneurs to invest and develop in Benin."