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China Telecom boosts Smart Africa

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Updated: June 28, 2019 14:37 Hunan Rednet News Network Communication Co., Ltd.

Editor's note: As the First China-Africa Economic and Trade Expo (CAETE) is held in Changsha, Hunan Province from June 27 to 29, China Telecom, the earliest domestic telecom operator “going global”, continues to help to construct Smart Africa and improves telecommunication and informatization level of African countries. Rednet, therefore, launches a special report "China Telecom debuts at CAETE", to offer the latest news of China Telecom booth during the expo.


Rednet Moment Reporter: Yang Shuhua Intern: Yu Yueqin in Changsha

A grand event in Hunan promotes cooperation between Africa and China Telecom. From June 27 to 29, the first China-Africa Economic and Trade Expo is held in Changsha, Hunan Province. This is a grand event aimed at strengthening the economic and trade cooperation between China and Africa and promoting the development of Belt and Road Initiative. As the only operator designated by State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission (SASAC) to participate in the expo, China Telecom displays its achievements and cases in leading the development of information Silk Road and supporting African digital economy, which fully demonstrated its worldwide network resources and excellent comprehensive capabilities to offer information services throughout Africa.


It also presents the communication and information service capabilities and resource distributions in Africa, as well as the security-related Global Eye information solutions. In addition, it explains a wide range of cost-effective integrated intelligent information service solutions to African customers, including the construction of network information infrastructure, ICT services, and industrial informatization, which China Telecom can offer.

In the Africa Pavilion, China Telecom sets up an eye-catching area “African Strength and Smart Africa” to show its fiber backbone network projects in 10 African countries, which displayed the ability to provide basic communication and information services for Africa. The area also introduces 13 smart application projects built by China Telecom for Algeria, Djibouti, South Africa, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya and Zambia, such as South Africa’s construction of Power Fiber To The Home (PFTTH) in multiple communities, Algeria’s comprehensive stadium smart venue, Ethiopia’s DIP smart industrial park, and Zambia’s smart campus, all of which fully demonstrate China Telecom's ability to provide information solutions for customers in various industries of Africa.


As the earliest domestic telecommunication operator “going global”, China Telecom has entered the African market as early as 2008. So far, it has set up branches in 25 African countries with recruited technical, engineering and service teams in nearly 30 countries. In 2015, China Telecom (Africa and Middle East) Ltd. was formally established, which accelerated its business expansions and layouts in Africa. At present, China Telecom works actively to propel the development of Belt and Road Initiative. It has parlayed its network and operational capabilities into the construction of more than 20 network nodes in South Africa, Egypt, Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria and Djibouti to improve the informatization level of these regions and provide users with communication and information solutions. These efforts also contribute to the construction of Smart Africa and the development of the Belt and Road information highway.

During the expo, China Telecom shares several successful cases of assisting the construction of Smart Africa. For example, it participated in the construction of Tanzania National ICT Broadband Backbone and Malawi National Optic Fibre Backbone Project. It helped African digital TV operator StarTimes develop its business to provide local users with richer content applications. It also provided a package of solutions such as Internet access, network security system and office management system for various government enterprises and organizations in Africa, in a bid to create an efficient, safe and reliable office operation environment.