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Hebei Construction Group appears in the first China-Africa Economic and Trade Expo

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Source:  Updated: July 04, 2019


From June 27-29, 2019, Hebei Construction Group appears in the first China-Africa Economic and Trade Expo. The Group is in the No. F21 booth of China enterprise pavilion set on the 2nd floor. Taking the international project as its major subject, it has shown the development process in overseas businesses, with focus on China-aided Libya SKD stadium maintenance project, reconstruction project of Chinese embassy in Cameroon, 6000 t/d cement clinker production line in Nigeria and Mtwara in Tanzania, Ethiopia's Bahir Dar industrial park and Siemens converter station, Hawassa industrial park and other projects. It aims to let more African government departments and local enterprises have a deep understanding of Hebei Construction Group. During the exhibition, we invited Mr. Benjamin Evita Oma, the Secretary General of Equatorial Guinea, to visit the booth of the Group and participate in the Hebei Provincial (Changsha) Investment and Trade Promotion Conference. At present, the Group has reached a preliminary intention on cooperation with the Nigerian branch of Jiuhua Group in the export of building materials.

With the theme of "win-win cooperation for closer China-Africa economic and trade partnership", the China-Africa Economic and Trade Expo is jointly sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce and the People's Government of Hunan Province. It is an important measure to implement the "eight major initiatives" with African countries proposed on the Beijing Summit of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation.

Since the Belt and Road initiative was launched, Hebei Construction Group has seized the opportunity to actively participate in the construction of the countries along the Belt and Road, and to set up the overseas business management team, the International Engineering Company, from "borrow a boat" to "unite with each other", gradually realizing "independence ". At present, the group's parent and subsidiary companies have spread overseas in Asia, Africa, Latin America and other countries. (By Liu Yang)