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The Changsha traffic police ensure maximum traffic safety and minimize the impact on the public's travel

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Changsha Police Affairs

Released on: 00:11, July 3 Changsha Police Affairs

The first China-Africa Economic and Trade Expo was held in Changsha. Without reference to the measures taken by other places such as implementing odd-even license plate restrictions and limitation on non-local cars, as well as taking holidays, the traffic police detachment of the Changsha Public Security Bureau aimed to achieve the expected goal of maximizing traffic safety and minimizing the impact on the public's travel plans through careful deployment, targeted publicity, fine organization, accurate scheduling, and responsibility.


From the beginning of June, the traffic police detachment of the Changsha Public Security Bureau launched wartime services and held a mobilization and deployment meeting to mobilize all the police to participate in the activity. By strengthening analysis, research and judgment, formulating detailed plans, improving the command system, and repeatedly carrying out drills, the assurance work on safety and smooth traffic was promoted across the board.

Advocacy towards 3.13 million people

Before the opening ceremony of the expo, 3.13 million drivers in Changsha received text messages that suggest them avoiding traffic peak time, taking public transportation tools and implementing green travel. On the mainstream media and we-media channels of the province and cities, the Notice on the Implementation of Traffic Restrictions on Urban Roads in Changsha During the First China-Africa Economic and Trade Expo issued by the Changsha traffic police has spread to all corners across the city. Besides, the Changsha traffic police also actively coordinated with the map company to make sure that its system could recommend routes automatically avoiding the controlled area when a driver started navigation. At the same time, they cooperated with the Changsha Transport Bureau and the municipal rail transit group to increase the transport capacity of public buses.

Monitoring data shows that Changsha citizens have consciously stopped driving under extensive publicity. Take the urban traffic data on June 26 for example. From 7 am to 4 pm, the traffic flow in each period was lower than that in the same period last week. According to the statistics of the Changsha Railway Group, the passengers of Changsha railway transportation increased by 180,000 in the first two days of the expo, 9.1% higher than the same period last week.

“"Through careful organization and reasonable control, the running time for trucks and the coverage of controlled areas are reduced as much as possible, the traffic is resumed as fast as possible, and the impact on the public is minimized," said the responsible person of the Changsha Public Security Bureau traffic police detachment. During the expo, although there has been a refined organizational control plan, it was not mechanically implemented. We always put people's travel in a prominent position, and do what is right.



For example, during the fireworks party, the Changsha traffic police originally planned to carry out west-to-east traffic restriction on "four Bridges and two tunnels" in the city. However, they only implemented west-to-east traffic restriction on Nanhu Road and Yingpan Road Underwater tunnels from 9:20 pm to 9:40 pm. Especially on whether Xiangjiang No. 1 Bridge should be restricted or not, they considered that there might be a large number of people who needed to be evacuated. If a traffic restriction order was issued to this bridge, buses and people were likely to mix in the motor vehicle lane, and disorderly passage would lead to low evacuation efficiency and hidden safety risks, so the traffic police department gave up implementing the order.


During the expo, the Changsha traffic police fought continuously and tenaciously. They always stuck to their posts, regardless of the scorching sun or the heavy rain. On the afternoon of June 27h, there was a sudden rainstorm in Changsha, many traffic police officers' uniforms were thus wetted by the rain, but they never leave their posts. A well-known blogger happened to see this occasion while passing by. He then shot and released the video titled "the police under the pouring rain". This video was quickly forwarded by the provincial and municipal media, and the page view of the video quickly reached more than one million.

The entire traffic police are on duty for a long time

The 9th squadron of the Yuhua traffic police brigade was responsible for the security and smooth traffic along Changsha Avenue and Huahou Road. All passengers who entered/left the city via the MTR station and the airport would pass the area under their jurisdiction. Squadron Leader Zhang Long said, "This area can be regarded as the key area in ensuring the successful roll-out of the China-Africa Economic and Trade Expo. In addition to the daily security guard, we are also responsible for maintaining the road order around the hotels. As the squadron manages the area to enter/leave the city, we should also guide the shunting of the trucks entering the city. "

There was no holiday for the squadron during the expo. What impressed Zhang Long most happened on the morning of June 29. He recalled, "My kid called me crying, complaining of not seeing me for days. That's because I went back after she fell asleep and left home before she woke up." He used to take his kid out to play every Saturday, but this time he didn't show up, and his wife was also busy. So he felt sorry when hearing her crying on the telephone.


During the expo, the whole police fought continuously. The traffic police detachment has totally undertaken 12 tasks at the guard level, 98 fleet traction tasks, and 570 security traction tasks.

Gratitude: All Changsha people guarantee the smooth traffic

During the expo, many sections and roads were under control. On the morning of June 29, Ms. Lu needed to travel from Times Sunshine Avenue to Hunan Provincial Finance Bureau, which was about 50 minutes' drive. Considering that the urban district might be under control, she chose to take the subway, which ultimately took her less than 40 minutes. She said, "I got a taxi soon after I arrive in South Gate Stop, the traffic is not very heavy."


According to AutoNavi's traffic congestion index evaluation during the expo, the city's traffic congestion index was steady at between 1.3 and 1.4 (basically smooth). In addition to a minor increase on June 26 due to many regulation measures for the welcome dinner and fireworks party, the traffic congestion index slightly declined from June 27 to 29 compared with last week in the same period.

The relevant responsible person of the Changsha traffic police said, in addition to the relevant departments, there was another large group who were safeguarding the smooth traffic during the expo. That was referring to all the citizens and traffic participants. Due to the strong support of all traffic participants, urban traffic flow followed a regular trend, reflecting an obvious effect of off-hour travel that we are expecting.