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China-Africa Ties: Preview of first China-Africa Economic & Trade Expo

Released on:2019-06-27 Views:

The very first China-Africa Economic and Trade Expo begins tomorrow in the central Chinese city of Changsha. African leaders and business professionals from over 50 countries will gather for trade talks, and more. CGTN's Li Jianhua has a preview.

The very first China-Africa Economic and Trade Expo will descend on the central Chinese province of Hunan. Over 50 African countries are gathering here bringing with them a kaleidoscope of African cultures.

This comes after the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation held in Beijing in September of last year. This time, parallel forums on agriculture, energy and e-commerce will be held to enhance investment in each other and a lot is expected from the event.

YANG TAO CEO, KILIMALL INT'L, LTD "I would say this is quite a good platform. The Chinese start-up companies in Africa like mine had to work alone, but now the platform enables us to work and advance together. The expo promotes our products to more African customers directly."

ANNET KANANURA EYOTU SALES EXECUTIVE, NILE COFFEE "Many people on this show, many countries. Not only China, other African countries are here. I do expect other people to be here for the show. I hope to get people to deal with Nile Coffee."

ANNOR ALFRED ANTWI, SENIOR COMMERCIAL OFFICER GHANAIAN MINISTRY OF TRADE AND INDUSTRY "There are new things, new development each and every year. So Ghana is taking advantage of what the Chinese economy has for African countries, and to leverage on that to further the relationship we have built over the years."

But why Hunan? In 2018, the total trade volume between Hunan and Africa stood at nearly 20 billion yuan, about three billion US dollars, with a year-on-year growth of nearly 30 percent.

Between China and Africa, the trade volume surpassed 200 billion US dollars last year, increasing by 20 percent year on year and China has become Africa's largest trading partner for 10 consecutive years.

LI JIANHUA CHANGSHA "Now all the African business professionals are working against time to prepare for the event. The first China-Africa economic and trade expo is offering a level playing field for all African participants. It's not simply about China and Africa; it's also a platform for African companies to make deals among themselves. And everyone is expecting new contracts and deals to be made. LJH, CGTN, Changsha."

Source: CGTN