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China-Africa B2B Conference

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15:00-18:15, June 28, 2019


Changsha ST-Tropez Hotel, Changsha, China


About 700 participants, including representatives of government departments of China and Africa, financial institutions and business associations, Chinese and overseas trade associations, think tanks, experts and scholars and enterprises.


Ministry of Commerce of People’s Republic of China (MOFCOM), 

Hunan Provincial People’s Government


Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC), Standard Bank Group, 

Department of Commerce of Hunan Province


Utilize market-oriented measures and principles, give full play to the role of enterprises, promote the transformation of China-Africa economic and trade cooperation towards investment, trade, processing and manufacturing cooperation.


Focusing on the key cooperation areas of the “Eight Major Initiatives”, this conference will provide a platform for Chinese and African enterprises, cooperative parks and financial institutions to release investment cooperation projects. It will facilitate one-on-one networking between Chinese and African enterprises, and the networking between enterprises and financial institutions to promote economic and trade cooperation between industries, parks and enterprises of both sides and accelerate the implementation of the economic and trade measures under the “Eight Major Initiatives”.


(1)Speech by a leader of Hunan Province;

(2)Speech by a leader of MOFCOM;

(3)Speech by a Minister of an African Country;

(4)Speech by a leader of ICBC;

(5)Speech by a representative of African enterprises;

(6)Speech by a head of Standard Bank Group, South Africa;

(7)Parallel Sessions: “B2B Conference for Project Investment and Financing” and “B2B Conference Trade and Processing Manufacturing Enterprises”.

(IX)Contact Information

Ma Subin, ICBC, Tel: +86 10-81012009;

Fang Dapeng, ICBC, Tel: +86 10-66104278.